Untold Goes Flower Power.


We’re back on Zanzibar for some more uncovering of hidden gems. Strictly speaking we’re back on Unguja as our legions of trusted readers (and all those who can google ‘Zanzibar Wikipedia’) know by now, of course. Anyway.

The first spectacular spot we’d like to share with you is Tulia. A very chic resort oozing tranquility and famous for its succulent cuisine. Mgeni Mzima (Tulia’s Chef) prepared two of his signature dishes with our friend, Chef Axel. These recipes (and many others) and a more extensive and in-depth inspection of the Zanzibar archipelago and Tanzania mainland will be featured in our book which is expected later this year.



Tulia’s seafront rooms and other romantic bonuses for love birds make this a very popular place amongst honeymooners. Since we’re on a mission and are travelling in a completely different state of mind (our love for each other is merely platonic) we would like to point out some other stuff that makes Tulia exceptional. 



Besides having a very socially responsible and sustainable approach from the first shovels in the ground or first bricks laid on, they have a special relation with and respect for nature. First of all, the garden. Tulia’s botanical garden is a lush collection of over 400 different sorts of flowers, plants and bushes and is tended to with much love and care. Furthermore, it is a proper eco resort in the sense that they have a unique water processing unit that transforms the salty seawater into drinking water and a fully operational waste management system that recycles up to 75% of their waste and also does this for neighbouring villages.



Next, we took out to sea. We spent a day sailing in a catamaran on the Indian Ocean which is a treat in itself. But when you happen to conveniently have your very own chef on board it gets even better. While we were enjoying the calm blue sea, snorkeling once in a while and overall taking it easy, Axel was unleashing his cooking powers below deck. He emerged from the belly of our boat with a simple but finger licking good plate of grilled sardines with fennel, lime and fresh chili. Delicious as this might have been, the love is still platonic. Even though on top of all this deliciousness the day on the boat ended with a very romantic sunset with fishing dhows quietly undulating on the waves. You will stop saying ‘cliché’ the moment you experience such a sunset yourselves. Trust us.


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