a taste of tanzania


a taste of tanzania: a book and imagerie

A Taste of Tanzania is about three professionals, out on the road, searching for flavors and colors, authenticity…and pure emotions. It’s a unique blend of relentlessly searching for beauty and meaning, camaraderie and adventure. It has all the ingredients to make you dream away or to give you a moment to stand still. Enjoy this inspirational and exceptional tale.

everything that makes this book unique

A Taste of Tanzania is a 355 pages high-end coffee table book full of stunning imagery, compelling stories and succulent recipes.

On the outside the book is covered in gorgeous linen. The handbound flat-bind technique adds to the tactile almost sensual experience. Inside, a unique tale unfolds through more than 250 wonderful pictures on uncoated high-quality paper. Designed by an award-winning art director, the story is further unveiled in bite-sized snippets to leave enough space for the imagination.


your window into the untold world

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