Wim demessemaekers

Untold was founded by Wim Demessemaekers, out of a vivid passion for visual storytelling. At the age of seven, Wim got his very first camera, which became his favorite toy in no time.

Since that moment, he kept looking at the world with a sense of wonder, eager to capture everything that happened around him. Years later, this motivated him to obtain a sociology degree. Today, he still looks through his lens with the gaze of the sociologist. 


After his studies, Wim unleashed his passion for storytelling in numerous communication projects. For twelve years, he successfully ran his own ad agency, which created results for leading clients like Proximus, Janssen Pharmaceutica, BNP Paribas Fortis and many others. 

Whatever the communication challenge, Wim always aimed for effective campaigns at the crossroads of strategy and creativity. It’s this vision he put into practice as creative director and strategist. And it’s what enabled him to develop unique experience in visual branding. 

After many years, he could have continued at the steering wheel of his agency. But he decided that the time had come to return to his true calling: photography. 

Years have passed since young Wim got his first camera, and in the meantime he has worn out many other cameras. But his passion for visual stories is as strong as it ever was. Backed by the mix of sociology, marketing and passion, Wim is ready to bring your story to life.