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Untold takes the pictures that tell your story. Our photographers are armed with a unique look at the world, true passion and years of experience. We discuss each assignment in advance and come up with ideas for tailored visual storytelling. As a result, every image will perfectly fit your vision and our Untold philosophy.

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Visual Consulting

Untold brings your images to life, whatever you want to achieve – for business or personal ends, for a brand or product, in print or digital. We provide tailored advice and we deliver images based on our expertise and our passion for strong visual stories. We make sure they really touch the viewer - and help to realize your goals.


Companies need stories to bring their brands to life. By using visual storytelling, we put these brands in the picture among target groups. And we make sure that the story behind the brand is told in an authentic way. We also capture more personal stories: weddings, family milestones … we make sure you can re-live every moment. 

A strong brand, corporate image or campaign is built on coherent visual communication. Untold makes sure your visual branding is right on the mark. Also for publishing ends, we deliver the images that bring stories and texts to life. Not only do we take the pictures, we also give advice on the most effective images.




Untold also publishes books that focus on photography. From art to travel: we come up with original publications that trigger a compelling visual experience. Page after page, the subject comes alive and continues to intrigue the reader. It’s a story you love to take of the shelf to re-live the story, time after time. 

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